Lovely Wedding Mall- The Biggest Platform To Get Engage With Your Favorite Celebrity!

Lovely Wedding Mall- The Biggest Platform To Get Engage With Your Favorite Celebrity!

The demand for digital gifts during the lockdown has increased drastically. The availability & accessible delivery of video calls, SMS, and emails has made it a desirable option. To take digital gifting to a whole new position; Lovely Wedding Mall has recently added celebrity video messages to the long list of digital gifts.

Receiving a personalized message from their favorite film & television celebrity will make them feel like one-in-a-million. During the hard times of lockdown, this surprise would cheer their mood & allow you to convey your sincere wishes even when you are away from each other by country miles.

When Can You Get Personalized Celebrity Video Messages?

Some people sign up for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries to get video messages from celebrities. It makes the concerned person happy to see their cherished celebrities wishing them their birthday anniversaries. Other than Celebrity Birthday wishes, messages for special occasions and advertisements like Wedding Invites and promotional ads have been in trend.

Not just that, video messages from celebrities on these occasions induce curiosity in the millions. A good number of people are asking for celebrity videos to bring about positive changes.

Let us understand the benefits of a Celebrity Video message for birthday wishes and Brand Promotion.

Adds Thrills & Excitement

The person will be thrilled with this surprise on their birthday or anniversary. This fantastic gifting option will give them an incredible moment to cherish in the coming time. It'll make them feel agitated and exclusive and show how important the sender cares about them.

A soul-touching experience

Getting a personalized message from a celebrity whom the receiver, customer, or birthday boy or girl has only seen on television or social media will be a soulful experience. It'll melt his heart and make him feel like a dream has come true. Birthday Wishes by Celebrity can make the mood of your loved ones more exciting.

Builds credibility

People are attached to their favorite celebrities, and they're generally well-trusted by their fans. However, it shows their fans that it's a product worth using and builds trust in your brand if they use your product. Seeing a celebrity name on a product also attracts and reassures consumers about the quality of your product. It helps in the brand promotion of your newly launched product and can boost your business.

Celebrities Who Are Available For Video Messages

You will get various kinds of celebrities according to your requirement and budget.

All-Star- In this category, you will get all kinds of celebrities from TV stars to movie stars to child artists.

Movie Star- Consider the celebrities who has been working regularly in movies.

TV Star- Category defines - Your favorite TV star from different series whom you watch daily.

Regional Gujarati- Actors and celebrities, who are well-known in the Gujarati film industry. You can ask them for Birthday Party Invitations video.

TMKOC Stars- You all have heard about "Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chasma". The well-known period comedy-drama entertainment. We all love every character in this series and they collaborated with Lovely Wedding Mall.

Children Artist- If you have a little sister who watches kids' shows daily and like some child character from that serial.

Lookalike- If you are low on budget and want entertainment for your wedding or any other event, then Lookalike is the best option for you.

How To Get Birthday Wishes From Celebrities?

Is your close one’s  birthday coming up? And if you want to know how to Get Birthday Wishes from Celebrities, keep reading this post. You will get complete information about this. People do lots of efforts to make dear one’s birthday memorable, considering that you may go for surprises to make them feel special.  Spending time celebrating with friends and loved ones makes every special day count. With Celebrity Video Messages, get an artist or actor to share a video messages like Happy anniversary to your mom-dad, Congratulations to brother, Happy birthday wishes for sister. This can help you to add an interesting element to your special messages.

Step 1: Visit Lovely Wedding Mall Celebrity Portal.

Step 2: Pick an artist you like,

Scroll through the list of artists, actors, musicians, influencers, models, writers, and celebrity lookalikes.

Step 3: Book a wish video from the celebrity.

When you find your favorite celebrity, get all the information about them, their price, their response time, and ask for Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother or anyone else.

Step 4: Share Your Celebrity Birthday Wishing Video Messages

Fill up this form with the details required to get Celebrities Wishing Happy Birthday.

Guarantees a smile

If you are looking for a gift that can do everything from surprise them, make them smile to give them incredible moments and memories. You can in no way go wrong with Celebrity Video Messages. It will make the person feel like one in a million and smile on their face.

Looking for your favorite celebrity for your brand promotion, wedding invites, birthday wishes or events, then get in touch with Lovely Wedding Mall, your special moment creator.


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