Let Celebrities Invite Your Loved Ones- Celebrity E Invitation!

Let Celebrities Invite Your Loved Ones- Celebrity E Invitation!

Celebrities are visible all over television, social media, magazines, and any other place you have to find an announcement. But do those signatures lead to an increase in deals for a product or produce emotional moments among loved ones? In short, yes, but you need to consider the criteria and budget before choosing a celebrity to represent you on your E-Invitations. Here are some advantages and impacts of celebrity E invitations on guests.

There Is an Easy Way to Create Celebrity E-Invitation Video

· You can give a personalized E-Invitation for Marriage or other events to your guests. You can get this service online.

· Lovely Wedding Mall is the pioneer to provide customized messages to your relatives and friends on behalf of your family through e- invites videos.

· The celebrity will record the invitation for Engagement, Marriage, party, birthday, or any other occasion on a video and personalize it for the guest.

· If it is for the wedding then the bride, groom and parents name, date, time, venue and celebrities will invite a guest on your behalf. Our celebrities will deliver the recorded video message as a link through message. The guest can download the link and watch the Party Invitations video on mobile or laptop.

Celebrity and Public Emotions

From big-screen actors to television screen actors; from YouTube to social media influencers, they are not just actors for numerous reasons, but they are attached to their fans' feelings.

You see these actors on your television screen or mobile screen and respect them; to be precise, you have an emotional bond with them. You must have gotten emotional when they cried; we became angry with villains and felt like fighting with them or must have enjoyed the on-screen festivity as well with them.

With new social media trends, there are influencers on Instagram, YouTube, etc, winning the hearts of the youthful generation. They are following their work, their fashion trends, life, etc. Party Invitations from a celebrity, a trend developed by Lovely Wedding Mall, can boost the energy of everyone invited and make a good remembrance for host and guest as this celebrity has invited us, we will go.

The Marriage Invitation Video Looks Beautiful

It will come as a surprise that the invitation video will look just as amazing as your invitation card. It has become a trendsetter in the future wherein people are loving to make e-invitations from their favorite celebrities. The E-Invitation for Marriage video is more creative and funkier than most paper invites. That can help replace paper invites with digital celebrity invitations. Lovely Wedding Mall offers different kinds of video invites that you want for marriage, engagement, cocktail parties, or other events.

Attract Your Guests

One challenge for invitees is finding new ways to invite their friends and relatives to a birthday party, marriage, or event. E-inviting people through celebrities can be a new and unique idea for the guests, that they will remember for a long time. This e- invite can be a trend-setter, with no paper and followed by the others. The best E-invite for Wedding or any other event.

Build An Image

When you use the service of Celebrity E Birthday Invitation. Instantly works for your image when a guest goes through an invitation coming from a known celebrity taking their name. It helps in creating a repo among your friends and relatives. When they are invited for multiple occasions, they will remember the invitation from a celebrity as it is different from the rest. People love the chance to get in personal touch with their favorite celebrity through Event Invitations.

Surprise element

You can ask celebrities to say certain things to people that might put a smile on their faces. It will give a personal touch and surprise element and create an emotional angle. Putting a smile on your guest's faces with a hassle-free process that creates a lasting impression on them. You can create an e-invitation from Rs 1000 and then according to the celebrity you are requesting.


Anyone can create an E-wedding invitation video effortlessly. In case, you require the services of professionals, then take help from the Lovely Wedding Mall at a small cost. Unlike printed invitations for which you have to pay per piece, this won't only save you tons of money but will also take down a lot of stress.

Unique and Hassle-free Idea

E- Invitations for wedding parties, mundon, thread ceremony, engagement, opening Vastu. Celebrity e-invites for all your auspicious occasions. India is in the awe of celebrities, and a dream comes true when celebs invite you on your behalf. All cannot invite a celebrity guest. But celebrity e-invites can be afforded by all. It is paperless, and we can invite guests easily and quickly.

Final Words

With us, you can give something special to your loved ones; the personalized celebrity E- invitation for birthday or any other event will be cherished as recollections for the host and guest's whole life. It is a paid service and available at a set price, depending on the Celebrity and different aspects.

Lovely Wedding Mall lets you surprise your loved ones, and other than this. It allows you to collaborate with celebrities to create an experience that helps you enjoy the moment and remembrance among your guests.

Looking for a favorite celebrity to create your E-Invite For your Birthday, then get in touch with Lovely Wedding Mall, your special moment creator.


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