Customized Antarpat for wedding

Customized Antarpat for wedding

What is Antarpat.?

Antarpat is a non-transparent cloth, normally a dupatta or shawl. This piece of cloth is used in many Indian Wedding ceremonies. In the Western wedding ceremony, a veil is worn by the bride, however the Antarpat is used in Indian wedding ceremonies. It is held between the bride & groom when the bride walks down the walkway. Therefore, this piece of cloth is kept between bride and groom; they both cannot see each other.

In Indian wedding ceremonies, when the bride approaches the groom, people holding the Antarpat rotate it, so the bride and groom don't glance at each other.

After that, priests start the wedding, the bride and groom wait impatiently and stand on the opposite side of Antarpat. Then when the perfect time comes, the priests will ask the people to lower down the Antarpat, and the bride and groom will finally see each other for the first time.

Antarpat denotes the individual who lives and is alive to the ceremony. It is madeupofcotton and decorated with the images of the God-like Ganesha, orit has the design of Hasta Milapand the most auspicious Hindu Swastika(which holds great importance in Indian mythology). Removing the Antarpat in the weddings states that two souls are becoming one with each other.

For the Gujarati, Telugu, Maharashtrian, Kannada weddings, Antarpat is placed in between bride and groom and this ceremony is known as the Hast-Milap

ceremony. On Lovely Wedding Mall, we are first time introducing two sides customized Antarpat having the couple name on both the sides. Antarpat is embellished with various prints and designs also, mainly Ganesha, Kalash, or bride & groom designs.

In India, this cloth is used during wedding ceremonies the clothis drawn between the bride and the groom once the bride enters the mandap.This ritual is known as, like in Gujarati, it is known as Mandap Vidhi; ina Maharashtrian wedding,it

Is known as Antarpat ceremony; in Kannada wedding, itisknown as Terasala, andin Telugu, it is called as Addutera. The significance the Antarpat is that it is removed after reciting specific mantras; after that, it is removed between the bride and groom.

TheAntarpat is theauspicious shawl made from glossysilk with the symbol of Swastika in the center of it. Borders of this clothing are decorated with embroidery and have Lord Ganesha pictures and other auspicious wedding symbols. They are mainly used in the Indian wedding rituals to symbolize the particular existence of the marriage. You can get a variety of designs on the Antarpat related to hindu culture like of Lord Ganesha, Kalash, swastik and now trending customized bride and groomname printed on it.

Terasala in Kannada Brahmin Wedding

The importance of Terasala and varmala Ritual in Kannada Brahmin Madhwa Weddings is that when the bride enters the Mantap, a white cloth is put in between the bride and groom so that they both can not see each other. This white cloth is known as 'Antarpat' made up of cotton.

When the 'Antarpat' is placed between the bride and groom, the bride holds 'Jeerige Bella' (Jeera or cumin seeds)in her hand. After the mantras are recited, the Antarpat is removed from between, Jeera is kept on each other's head by the bride and groom with the right palm, then they put Varmala on each other.

Now the question comes who holds the Antarpat.?

It depends who is available; however, mostly the male relatives of the bride and groom play this role because;

1.)It isn't easy to hold the Antarpat for the whole succession

2.You require the people who are a good height to hold the Antarpat so that the bride and groom do not see each other.

If you have a brother or cousin and you would like to include them in your wedding, they can also do this ritual and this way; you can make them feel privileged.

Like most Hindu weddings, this is the best option to add your family members into the rituals. These things are very common in modern wedding as this will add some fun and drama to the wedding.

On Lovely Wedding Mall, you will get Antarpat for all cultures like Maharashtrian, Kannada, Telugu, Gujarati, and many more. Also people want customized gifts or products nowadays. So keeping in mind these things we have customized Antarpat having the bride and groom's name printed on it.

Some designs look beautiful, and some are ever-green and give aclassy and traditional touch. Therefore, in Antarpat there are also some outstanding designs in good fabric available at Lovely Wedding Mall. Name of Antarpat diers as per the regions. Antarpat's eye-catching color, designs, fabric and outstandingembroiderybordersmakethemtheidealchoiceforthewedding. Itlooks so good and adorable that you willbuy them when you glance at their first look.

Lovely Wedding Mall has the Antarpat fabric which is of good quality. You can alsoget customized Antarpat having the bride and groomname printed on it. On our website, you will get various designs and good fabric Antarpat.

Customised Antarpat with bride and groom names is in trend today and Lovely Wedding Mall brings exclusive Customized Printed Antarpat with bride and groom names. Now days new trend has been started where we provide antarpat printed on both the sides. It’s specially designed to cater the niche clients and you will find these exclusive antarpat only on .

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